2018 Volunteer Events: Huron River Watershed Council

As part of our 35th Anniversary celebrations, the A3C staff is giving back to the community through volunteer events, to show gratitude for the support Ann Arbor has given to our business.

Our second volunteer event took place on July 26th with the Huron River Watershed Council. We had 6 staff members flex their sea legs while kayaking in the Huron River and picking up trash and other items from the water. Everyone took on different challenges and there was only one (1) who capsized in the group! We were told that we were very “thorough” in our litter collection bringing in about 2-3 cubic yards of waste. “It felt good to know we made a difference in what others following us would not have to see,” remarked one of our sore, but happy participants.

If you live or work near the Ann Arbor area and are looking for a challenging volunteer event for your group, we recommend contacting the Huron River Watershed Council!